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Murfreesboro Chiropractic Newsletter from Most Chiropractic Clinic for January 2016

Back Surgery Factors

Training. Location. Type of practice. The better trained the surgeon, the less spine surgery he or she performs. Midwest spine surgeons agree more about the type of surgery to perform for conditions than southwest based surgeons. Back surgeries are performed 4 times less in academic institutions while most back surgeries are done by private clinics.  (1) So how about trying some Murfreesboro chiropractic care before even entering the spinal surgery arena for back pain or neck pain relief? Most Chiropractic Clinic can help direct your care should surgery become necessary.

Chiropractic Physicians in Military Care

For some time now, chiropractic integration into the care of our military – active and veteran - personnel is progressing, and those patients are highly satisfied with the care. Great news!  Chiropractic physicians in these settings manage all varieties of conditions from common neurological and musculoskeletal  issues (which show significant improvement) to severe injuries obtained in combat and complex cases and cases that include psychosocial factors. They work collaboratively with other health providers and focus on reducing morbidity for veterans and rehabilitating military service members to full duty status. (2) Chiropractors are back pain specialists! Most Chiropractic Clinic is proud of chiropractic’s contribution in this realm as well as its own contribution to healthcare in Murfreesboro. 


Less Pain Sensation

Low velocity variable amplitude spinal manipulation (like Cox Technic) produces a short term antinociceptive effect (basically it inhibits the sensation of pain). (3) That’s a great side-effect of Murfreesboro chiropractic care at Most Chiropractic Clinic! 
All Will Be Well

Pain influences the mind. It’s hard to see the positive when suffering with pain. Chronic low back pain patients tend to have working memory issues and more catastrophizing when it comes to pain. They express higher pain levels daily and in movement-initiated pain compared to those who have no pain. (4) So chiropractic care at Most Chiropractic Clinic aims to offer pain relief enough to give hope and even some tips on how to move without provoking pain. 

Stay Fit!
Your physical fitness levels at 34 years of age may well predict how fit your spine will be at 52. Interesting! The bottomline of this study is that an active life that results in higher physical fitness is related to better spinal control in middle-age. (5) So stay active throughout your life, our Murfreesboro chiropractic clients! And contact Most Chiropractic Clinic when your Murfreesboro back hurts whether you are younger or older! 
May 2016 bring you all you are hoping for as well as good health!
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